Cyanophobia1: Also if no kosher/halal butchers are available in your area the amish tend to se…

Cyanophobia1: Also if no kosher/halal butchers are available in your area 
the amish tend to sell wonderful quality meat for very low price all humanely raised and they rarely raise pigs iguana-america: for halal, add 2 more requirement.

1. the butcher must be muslim

2. the butcher must recite Bismillah while doing so. prismatic-bell: My fellow Americans:
You can do something to protect yourself AND help your Jewish and/or Muslim communities at the same time. In case you havent noticed, weve been really struggling under hate crimes with the current administration in power.
They will not have pork. However, other meat industries are also being deregulated, and you can get better beef and chicken through us.
I know the requirements for halal are slightly different than those for kosher, so if this crosses a Muslims dash Im going to politely request, could you please share how they diverge, because I dont want to misrepresent yall?
Meantime, kosher requires: —all of the following must be examined by a trained rabbi to ensure its being done correctly —the animal must be raised humanely —the animal must be disease-free —the animal must be killed so quickly that it has no time to feel pain or fear. In Judaism this is accomplished by cutting the throat directly through both the main artery and the main nerve to the brain at the same time, and you have to train for YEARS to be able to do this and call yourself a kosher butcher. Kosher butchers suffer from a lack of demand. You can keep your meat safe AND SUPPORT A STRUGGLING SMALL INDUSTRY.
Buy kosher and halal. Protect yourselves. failsnail: Buy local small farm hold meat whenever possible. Home kill or private property is always more likely to be be nice meat too. But this is America/American Pork. Australian pork is still happy buy that instead derinthemadscientist: Immigration policies that leave crops unharvested, absolutely terrible work with foreign trade agreements, removing any real quality assurance in dangerous products (thus nobody will buy the products)… is the current American administration trying to tank each of their own industries in turn? mockiato: This is also likely to negatively impact the health and wellbeing of slaughterhouse workers and meatpackers and other animal ag workers, who already tend to have inadequate access to health services. Its already a dirty job, with high rates of work-related illness and injury, and with less inspection, the workers are likely to be pushed to work even faster. Pork manufacturing also is known to draw heavily on undocumented workers for its staff, workers who are already going to have less ability to stand up for their rights. howdy-nyalll: Double checked this and its legit. Id be really cautious about pork from here on out yall. lynati: Time to stop buying any and all pork products until this is fixed.

Spread it around. PORK BOYCOTT. Bacon isnt worth debilitating sicknesses that youre likely to catch now that standards are going to be lowered in the industry in order to save money. whales-are-gay: context for the joke: upton sinclairs the jungle is a book from 1906 about the meatpacking industry both about the working conditions and how unsanitary it was. it led to numerous laws about federal oversight on the meatpacking industry (specifically inspection) during what was known as the progressive era. liberalsarecool: Trump ruins bacon. Every Trump policy makes things worse.

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