Ooh baby i like it raw, yeah baby i like it raaaw!my daily dose of momma earth’s pure gi…

Ooh baby i like it raw, yeah baby i like it raaaw!
my daily dose of momma earth’s pure gifts <3

fresh fruit, berries, nuts, bee pollen, chia seeds, maple sirup – YUM!

starting every day with a bowl of fruity goodness is a habit i developed while living in california. 
but i managed to keep it up in germany, too:
through cold winter months and a very busy schedule of working fulltime while studying.
in fact, it is exactly this magic potion that helps me to get through all of this.

aint nobody got time for that? dont worry, its no hassle to eat this good: we prepare a huge fruit salad once a week with the freshest organic/seasonal fruit available: pineapple, mango, apple, orange, tangerines, pomegranate, persimmons, peaches, apricots will stay fresh for up to 6 days when cut in big chunks, tossed in orange/lemon juice and stored in the fridge.
the more perishable fruits (berries, cherries, banana, kiwis, pears, plums…)  
can still be prepared for one or two days in advance.

isnt it funny how the whole pineapple, unpeeled oranges and the unwashed apples always stare your lazy ass down from their fruit bowl – with a look of reproach…
until you finally give in to their guilt tripping only to find theyre rotten by then? i know!  but believe me: when these little suckers are already cut and prepared,
youll eat them and youll love it. enjoy!

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